Mommy !
When I was born, I cried, you smiled, our family smiled, in a wonderful happiness because of the appearance of a little angel.
Day by day, you rose me up

Until the day, I called you “Mom”, the first “human-saying” I said. You hugged me tightly and cried, cried so much, because of your wonderful happiness. I knew this when I was 11 – you told me.
…and day by day, you rose me up

Today, your son is going up to the age of discretion, your son is growing up…
I’m the most meaningful present this life gave you – you said.
But do you know, you’re all of the world this life gave to me, I keep my gratitude always.
You remember ?
Here is the song you love most. When I heard on TV, the first time, I cried.
…you too, the first time when you listened to it, when I turned on the PC and let you heard… but I know that’s your happy teardrops.
and now, I’m not at your side…
When I miss You, I play this song again and listen, listen, listen to it so many, many time.
It’s so meaningful with both of You and I, right ?
Woman’s day is coming…
I wanna let you enjoy it again, in a special day !
Mommy !
Thanks you, for all !
I love You – my biggest woman !!!


4 comments on “Mommy

  1. This was so touching. I can’t wait to show this to my mom!
    World needs more posts like this so we always remember the most important person in our lifes.
    Thank you for sharing.

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